What is going on at the Saints?

The club has gone downhill ever since the owner got rid of Nicola Cortese, saying at the time he had to much power at the club.

What a joke that has turned out to be. The power Les Reed had seemed to be more than Nicola Cortese had.

Les Reed was allowed to waste millions on second rate players and he was allowed to give players silly wages and long contracts.

How he got the job in the first place l will never know – you only have to go on line and see what the Charlton fans thought of him because what he did at their club.

We let Fraser Forster go on loan instead of giving him time to find his form again and look how well he is playing now, and we let Charlie Austin go who is a proven goalscorer.

We have no young players coming though anymore like we always had in the past. Could that be because Les Reed had something to do with Staplewood?

I feel sorry for Ralph because I think he has been left with players who are not good enough and not up for the fight.

I hope l am prove wrong but things look really bad unless some new owner comes in with billions to spend to get the club up with the big boys.

Otherwise the only way for us is like it was in the bad years – going down and down .

B Jones