A PETITION over the safety of pedestrians has been set up following plans for roadworks on a busy Southampton bridge.

Southampton City Council is to install part-time traffic signals at Woodmill Bridge as part of a queue management scheme.

The road will be closed for two weeks starting on January 6 and finishing on January 19 to fit new traffic lights and a puffin crossing in the area.

But residents have warned that pedestrian safety measures must be part of the works.

A petition has been set up to include at 10mph speed limit across the bridge as well as higher kerbs, more bollards to discourage drivers from mounting the pavement and different colours or textures for the road and the pavement to make it clear that it is not a shared surface.

Residents also believe that the bridge should be widened to allow pedestrians to see around the blind corner.

Local man Gordon Callaway said: "This is good news for motorists and will hopefully ease traffic flow through the mill at peak times.

"However, unless pedestrian safety measures are part of the works there will be a serious accident.

"Experience with previous temporary traffic light trials at Woodmill Lane has shown that cars speed up considerably if they don't have to wait for oncoming cars to clear the very narrow single lane part of Woodmill Lane.

"Woodmill is used by hundreds of school children every day, parents with prams, commuters, joggers, dog walkers, and cyclists.

"We're asking for people to go online and sign an e-petition urging the Council to include safety measures as part of the traffic light installation."