HAMPSHIRE residents have the chance to become the world champion in a unique competition – and they don’t even have to leave the


The first-ever world championships in beer mat flipping will be taking place at the Ship and Shovel pub in Warsash.

Open to people of all ages the event will be on February 8.

Beer mat flipping is reportedly a pub pastime that involves flipping a beer mat 180-degrees and then catching it with the same hand.

There are currently four Guinness world record categories with the competition bringing the opportunity to hold a world championship title.

According to organiser Richard Banks, there will be two categories at the championships.

The first is the “master flip”, where competitors must flip the most beer mats at once.

The second is the “speed flip”, where potential world champions must be the quickest to flip a single beer mat ten times.

Richard said: “The idea came whilst on stag do earlier this year.

“Who doesn’t want to be World Champion?

“Now you have the chance.

“All you need to do is flip a beer mat.

“Mat flipping is really about the “flip” and the “catch”, mastering these two skills is a must.”

This year event starts at 4pm and will run until


Entrance is £10 for adults and £5 for under 18s with all budding champions having unlimited attempts at each category.

All the proceeds from the day will go into a community pot, where local charities can apply for funds

A promotional event was held at the Ship and Shovel last year with one contender managing to flip 45 mats at once.

The competitor said: “It was great fun and after three or four flips I got really into it and desperately wanted to flip the most.”

It is hoped the event will raise up to £1000 for “charities and good causes”.