They say “when the fun stops...stop!"

And boy, the fun supporting the Saints has definitely stopped.

Every week we lose, the fans have a moan, but nothing changes.

The under performing players appear to be only coasting, but still get their non earned extortionately high wages.

In my opinion we only have IngS as a Premiership player.

We have not professionally performed since Koeman left in 2016.

Meanwhile Ralph looks out of his depth.

The football is aweul to watch, and the tactics confusing.

I find myself totally deflated nearly every week, at the inept performances.

I cannot watch Match of the Day as they always let us down.

The ninth richest (at the moment) Premiership club are owned by a very cash shy Gao family who due to their lack of Premier player investment, are a total waste of time.

So to stop this weekly flogging, and let's be honest ...that is what it is I will opt out of watching this once beautiful club.

I do not expect to win the league, but do expect great performances.

I will return if the football becomes more exciting and results are more hard fought and encouraging.

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