A TOTAL of "100 metres" of household waste has been dumped in a road in Romsey.

Toothill Road, in Romsey was subject of a fly-tip yesterday morning, with kitchen cabinets, a bed frame and bathroom appliances all dumped in the road.

CCTV pictured the van pulling up around 7am yesterday morning and Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) cleared the rubbish quickly.

A resident of Toothill Lane, Hannah Mead, said she couldn't believe it when she saw the dumped waste in the morning.

Hannah said: "It was shocking - it was such a large fly tip.

"I had to get my son to school so we had to move the fly-tip to the side of the road ourselves - I couldn't even get out of my drive."

Hannah is a dog walker for her own business Country Pooch so fortunately she didn't have to leave her house via car.

She added: "It was full of bathroom stuff, kitchen cabinets and even a Winnie The Pooh bed frame - it seemed to be a big house clear out.

"I just could not believe it."

Romsey Town Centre manager, Mark Edgerley, described the fly-tip as a "disgrace".

He said: "It’s a disgrace that anyone should believe it is acceptable to dump their waste where they please, we can be confident that TVBC will make every attempt to locate the offender and if successful in establishing who the suspect is, TVBC will take that person through the courts.

"Based on recent cases the fine plus costs can be considerable, the original owner of the waste if located can also be prosecuted if they are identified for not using a licensed waste carrier."

Mark Cooper, who represents Romsey Tadburn on the borough council, said: "I’m appalled at this example of wanton vandalism.

"I simply don’t understand the mentality of anyone who would want to trash his community and our environment in this way. The inconvenience caused to local people and the cost to the taxpayers to clear up the mess is significant.

"I hope as many people as possible view the video on the Romsey News facebook page to see if they recognise the dumped material. That would improve the chance of catching the culprit considerably.”

Portfolio holder for environmental services, Councillor Alison Johnston, said: “The sheer scale of this fly-tip is utterly disgusting. For someone to have threatened the safety of the public and local wildlife in this way is absolutely despicable. Not to mention the impact on the local environment. The council has already been out to clear the rubbish, frustratingly, at taxpayers’ expense.

“We will do everything we can to track down those responsible and bring them to justice.

"If anyone knows anything about this incident then we would ask them to please get in touch on 01794 527700.

“We continue to urge people to please check if their waste carrier has a licence as it is often those operating illegally who go on to fly-tip.”