I AM an old age pensioner, and it just hit me that about half of my entire life, I have not had a family Christmas.

The last time, was during the 1980’s when I was married. In 1988 my wife divorced me, my mother died and I was made bankrupt from a debt of £333.22, representing two month’s rent on my leasehold office premises. That was only overdue as monies owed to me, never came through. My landlord blocked my attempts to sell on the unexpired lease.

I became my father’s full time live-in carer and companion. I also was a single parent.

Although Child Custody rights were given that my sons could spend Christmas with me, they always went to their mother’s.

That left just my elderly father and me. He would give me a small plastic bag of loose change for Christmas and birthdays. I gave him clothes, sweets, stationery, whatever he asked for. He might get a packet of biscuits from my sister and her sons.

Since my mother dying, my sister has wanted me out of my home so that it can be sold.

My eldest son has a daughter, who I have not met. He visited once, as an adult. He won’t give me an address to stay in touch.

My middle son, the one who lived with me for 6 years, refuses to make contact although once turned up with a girlfriend wanting to move in, after my Father was taken into a nursing home. My youngest says he could fit in a meeting sometime in January.

I suffer with Huntington’s Disorder and yet nobody takes that seriously.

But, when your own children (now middle aged), know my circumstances and yet, I don’t even get a card from the older two. I have only the state pension and over a third of that has to pay the Council Tax.

I have had to pay legal fees, to avoid eviction, from where I was born and had been promised to me. I have been broke all of my life. Due to circumstances created by others.

My wife had epilepsy and presumably still does. I was her carer when our boys were young ,and I tried to continue trading.

My mother was dying from cancer and it was me who accompanied her to hospital appointments and so on.

I still had to do the gardening here at their property.

My father did nothing all of his life, the house was gifted to him by his own mother.

I can see now, he may well also had Huntington’s and that would explain why he was not able to cope, without someone being around.

I accept all families have problems and people become ill.

But when you have been a loyal son, loving husband, desperately wanting to be able to grow up with your own sons. Instead to be continually attacked by an older sister and her sons. She left home when I was 7 years old. Really is unfair.

Will a, Boris Johnson, government care about we, normal everyday people?

I very much doubt it.

Name and address supplied.