IN response to K Ahmeds letter printed 20-12-19.

Whilst I agree with the suggestion put forward , one of the most important factors is being overlooked, bridge heights in Romsey need clearer warnings on the outskirts of the town, and more clearly visible warnings as drivers progress nearer these bridges, it is so easy for drivers to miss the signs in place, whilst I agree that there is no excuse for hitting the bridges, far better signage and warnings could be in place.

Had a little of the money wasted on the town centre improvements been diverted to this cause, it would give drivers plenty of warning and stop some of the inconvenience caused to other road users.

Many of us still remember why the Sun Arch had its height limit reduced to 10ft 6ins

and yet it still amazes me how many over height vehicles squeeze under it, many are skip wagons and council dustcarts. taking no notice of warning lights and ignoring height signs,

The issues here are double sided, Drivers being oblivious to how tall their vehicles are and severe lack of adequate warning signs.

Yours sincerely

Bob Cartwright