THE Daily Echo takes another nostalgic peep through time – this week to December 1999.

Young Saints were presented with prizes by then-player Trond Egil Soltvedt at Ocean world. After the presentation the youngsters were treated to a movie.

The Young Saints made the paper again later in the month when they took part at a coaching course at Oaklands Community School.

Other local sporting talent struck a pose in front of the camera when Solent Stars basketball players Colin Irish and Alan Cunningham opened the Millennium Garden at Netley Abbey Junior School.

While the events pictured were taking place, this is what was happening nationally:

December 10

The European Space Agency's satellite, XNM-Newton was launched. Data from the device is processed at the University of Leicester

December 30

Former Beatle George Harrison suffered minor stab wounds after being attacked by an intruder at his mansion in Oxfordshire. George was stabbed in the chest several times and his wife Olivia was hit over the head.

December 31

Both the Millennium Dome and the London Eye were opened in London.