It is a great achievement that Francis Benali has been awarded an MBE in the New Years Honours.

The man is a legend not only as footballer but for his commitment to do something for people struck down with cancer, and other charities.

Many local people believe that Franny should have received a knighthood for his almost super human tasks he gave himself to do to reach his charitable goals.

With the MBE he has been honoured by the whole country and he will have a special day out with his family when he goes to Buckingham palace to receive his honour.

Knowing Franny like we do he probably will carry on his charitable endeavours to help people with illness, but who could blame him if he takes it easy for the rest of his life?

He would still have achieved more than enough to fill three lifetimes with the many challenges he has overcome to reach his objectives.

Francis Benali is a Sotonian through and through and we can feel proud as a city for what Franny as achieved. He is a credit to the community and we can all say – the boy done good.

Paddy Maxwell