In 2019, the year that cricket was outstanding, perhaps this historic club cricket achievement in Gosport could be worth a mention. I have done much work with the history of Gosport Amateurs.

They were formed just before WW1 and become one of the most important cricket in southern England after the war.

The team had developed matches in the sixties from the south between Bournemouth and Brighton, and north to Warwick. Regular tours went to the Isle of Wight and Worcester.

Before Pakistan being test players Gosport played at Gosport Amateurs against Pakistan Eaglets at Privett Park and most of the Pakistan players became full internationals for its country.

Gosport Amateurs finished all games as in ‘test rule’ matches and when the Gosport Cricket formed became all league matches with ‘over’ games.

Gosport then formed the Gosport Borough Cricket Club and draws will be disappearing from the game.As local cricket changed, Gosport Amateurs had a success that was arguably probably the best team in southern England.

One of the most successful cricketing side in the south.

Cllr County Peter Edgar

President Gosport Borough Cricket Club