A SOUTHAMPTON man who repeatedly punched his girlfriend and then rejected her pleas to call for an ambulance has been branded “a danger” to women.

Karl Robinson launched the attack on his partner and told her “you shouldn’t have crossed me” after a drunk row at his flat.

After the assault, the woman begged him to call an ambulance – because he had split the skin near her eye.

But the 30-year-old initially rejected her plea, fearing he would be arrested, before demanding she tell the authorities that she had fallen over.

Robinson later made a sickening boast about the attack to a family member who he told in a message: “I told her everyone I hit I split open”.

During his sentencing, at Southampton Crown Court, Robinson’s violent past towards his partners was also revealed – including an attack on the same partner just months earlier.

It sparked sentencing Judge Peter Henry to describe Robinson as a “danger” to his partner and future partners.

The court heard how Robinson had previously been in court for battery against a former partner, followed by an arson at her home.

The court then heard how Robinson had previously been sentenced in August for a battery on his most recent partner – an attack in which he bit the woman’s arm.

Prosecutor Siobhan Linsley said on that occasion, Robinson had been sentenced to a community order.

She told the court that in the most recent incident, on October 20, after the victim had been on a night out and received a number of threatening texts from Robinson.

Ms Linsley said the woman went to Robinson’s flat the next morning to reconcile and found him drunk in his room.

The court heard an argument broke out after she repeatedly questioned Robinson’s relationship with a former partner.

Ms Linsley said that during the argument, Robinson grabbed his partner’s face, punched her in the side of the head and then pushed her to the floor where he repeatedly punched her.

The court heard he then rejected her pleas for him to call an ambulance, before later handing over the phone.

After Robinson handed her the phone to call an ambulance she told the 999 operator that Robinson had assaulted her.

In mitigation, Nicola Talbot Hadley said Robinson suffered with significant mental health issues.

She said her client had faced a “very very difficult upbringing” and had “no role models” in his life.

She added that Robinson had written five letters to his partner expressing his remorse for his actions.

In sentencing Robinson, who pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH), Judge Henry said: “Whatever your unhappy background, I acknowledge that you do present a high risk of serious harm to a partner.”

Judge Henry sentenced Robinson, of Howard Road, Southampton, to 12 months in prison.

He also resentenced Robinson for his previous battery offence, to which he pleaded guilty, and added a further three months in prison.