POLICE have launched a crack down on violence on a Southampton estate.

They say that gangs of youths are causing trouble outside McDonald's and KFC in Millbrook.

Officers have reported that staff at McDonald's have been assaulted and customers at the fast food restaurants abused.

Police say they have received a high number of complaints about large groups of youths gathering at the retail park in Green Park Road.

Now police are warning that anyone "causing a nuisance in the area" could be arrested and put in a holding cell.

Officers revealed details of the operation on the social media platform Twitter.

In a tweet, Southampton Cops said: "We don't mind people gathering for a chat whilst enjoying a cheeky burger, but these groups have been repeatedly abusive towards members of the public and have assaulted staff at McDonald's."

Police have issued a Section 35 Dispersal Order in the area.

That means that if anyone refuses to leave after being asked to, they could by law be taken away in the back of a police car.

The tweet added: "Failure to comply with the direction to leave may result in a trip to the cells where I hear the burgers aren't as good."

The order applies to the whole retail park and the Tenpin bowling alley in Auckland Road.

Conservative councillor for the Millbrook ward, Steven Galton, is calling for anyone with information to come forward.

He said: "I'm obviously glad police are taking action, but I just hope that if anyone knows who these people are, they will report them to the police.

"What we don't want is for them to shift somewhere else, such as Shirley High Street, and start causing problems there. It's an endless cycle that way – we need to stop the idiots being idiots.

"They need to realise that this is unacceptable behaviour and see how important it is to grow up a little bit.

"If anyone has any information, they need to give it to police and stop this from happening permanently."

The Daily Echo has contacted McDonald's and KFC and awaits a response.