A SOUTHAMPTON resident who was inspired by a "very caring, thoughtful and loving" family member, has launched a letter writing service in her memory.

Louise Fisher, 32, from Totton set up a community penpals group in 2017 to honour her nan Doris 'Dot' Fisher, who received daily letters from a dear friend of hers called Rennie.

Louise created the 'A Letter From Louise' initiative after seeing the joy and comfort the letters gave Doris whilst she was suffering from cancer.

The family read the letters to Doris whilst she was poorly and bedbound and they served as a nice distraction up until she passed away aged 84.

Louise said:

"I am extremely proud of my project.

"I hope it is helping tackling loneliness and social isolation in the most vulnerable people.

"We have Penpals writing to each other from all over the country which is fantastic.

"I hope it is bringing a little bit of joy to those who need it most."

Louise, a Trainee Psychologist and full time mum to a 5 month old girl, launched the project to support people who may be lonely, socially isolated or elderly by matching clients with volunteer pen pal writers to establish regular contact for conversation.

With the Christmas season approaching, Louise is hoping the penpals spread some festive spirit across the country.

She said:

"We are hoping the penpals will send each other Christmas cards, which will be lovely.

For some people it might be the only Christmas card they receive."

Louise's cause has started to go global as she recently received contact from two volunteer pen pals from Canada.

The charity is also doing a small Christmas appeal to try and raise money which will go towards the postage cost of funding A Letter From Louise.

If you wish to donate, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/omegachristmasappeal2019

If you wish to get involved with the charity, either to send or receive letters, visit: www.omega.uk.net