Some scale is needed about Australia.

Europe will fit into its area. England Wales will sit in the Gulf of Carpentaria to the west of the Cape York Peninsula.

The four largest cattle stations cover an area the size of Wales.

Fire needs three components: fuel, oxygen and ignition.

None of the three can be controlled by the reduction of CO2. Carbon dioxide only promotes quicker growth of the bush but does not reduce droughts.

Since 1939 there have been at least 18 major bushfire inquiries in Australia, including state and federal parliamentary committee , coronial inquiries and Royal Commissions. And no doubt there will be further inquests following the recent widespread fires.

Past major findings:

There has been grossly inadequate hazard reduction burning on public lands around country towns.

Local knowledge and experience is being ignored by State government bureaucracy, supposedly in the interests of protecting forest areas.

There is a lack of political will in some jurisdictions to comprehensively plan, fund and implement fuel hazard reduction strategies on fire prone public land.

Things will only improve if forests of Eucalyptus are systematically removed and planted with trees that don't produce highly flammable oil with a boiling point of 176c and a flash point of49c.

Governments just don't like spending money on benefits that are invisible to voters, when they can squander it instead on high profile ribbon cutting and photo opportunity feel good vanity projects.

Dave Christian