A SECOND dispersal order has been implemented in Southampton following more reports of groups of youths causing trouble.

Police have set up a dispersal order that started last night in the area surrounding McDonalds and KFC in Millbrook following reports of a large group of youths acting anti-socially in the area.

The order will be in place until 11.59pm tonight and aims to disperse the group of anti-social yobs.

Anyone "causing a nuisance in the area" could be arrested and put in a holding cell.

Police have issued a second Section 35 Dispersal Order in the area in the past five days.

That means that if anyone refuses to leave after being asked to, they could by law be taken away in the back of a police car.

It comes after officers implemented a dispersal order on Saturday night after staff at McDonald's were assaulted and customers at the restaurant were abused by a gang of youths.

Police say they have received a high number of complaints about large groups of youths gathering at the retail park in Green Park Road.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Police said: "On Saturday evening this worked really well and we dispersed people.

"Over the past couple of nights we have kept our eye on things but unfortunately last night we had to put another dispersal order in place, to disperse a group of youths who were acting anti-socially.

"This order will last until 11.59pm tonight, 8 January, at which point the situation will be reviewed.

"We understand that this is a concern for residents and employees in the area and understand how frustrating this can be. "We want to reassure everyone that we continue to review the situation and we are working with our local partners to find a solution."