IT IS the New Forest school seeing children through all of their school years.

At the Ballard School, happy students is a top priority for teachers.

The school has 410 pupils ages two to 16-years-old meaning that students can complete their formative school years in one place, with staff and friends they are familiar with.

As well as standard lessons, the school hosts a total of 120 after-school activities including music, dance and sport.

The school also provides clubs for students who enjoy maths, and also offer horse riding, karate and a debates club.

The school day starts at 8.30am to 4pm but after-school activities often run until 5pm.

Headteacher Andrew McCleave said that his students are very "issue aware" and care for others as well as for the environment.

Last year, the headboy and headgirl organised food donations for the Lymington Foodbank which saw a total of three mini buses filled with food donated, all of which came from students at the school.

The school has the Gold Artsmark Award, which highlights the schools performing arts ability.

This year, the school is striving to achieve Green Flag status, a scheme which recognises and rewards eco-friendly organisations.

Mr McCleave said: "The school is a lovely place to work, the kids are so down to earth and polite.

"They are very big on standing up for what they believe in and support the local community.

"We are non academically selective and we take on kids we have the ability to teach.

"Our exam results are happy because children are happy here."