HAMPSHIRE residents have slammed the Botleigh Grange Hotel for "losing the plot" during a dinner event raising money for charity.

Just under 200 people attended the winter "Snowball" event that took place at the popular hotel on November 30, which was priced at £50 per head, in order to raise money Countess Mountbatten Hospice and First Sarisbury Green Scouts.

There was supposed to be a three course meal with wine and live entertainment, but after the hotel's ovens failed the evening went on a downhill spiral, which has led organiser Asma Batchelor to seek a full refund of over £7,000.

Asma Said: "They completely lost the plot. We paid for a three course meal, but when the ovens broke, they had no plan B. There was no communication and it took them hours to bring out a few plates of stone cold food. I think they were hoping we were too drunk to realise that there was no food! The customer service was awful, they didn't apologise and they were in over their heads.

"I went to the venue for personal reasons as I had my wedding there, and my husband's wake after he died of tonsillar cancer, and this is how they treat a loyal customer?

"It cast a shadow over the event and I've been so down. I was trying to do a nice thing for the charity that helped my husband with end of life care, but we had to stop fundraising on the night as people weren't getting what they paid for!"

Despite the event still managing to raise funds for the two charities, Asma and the other Southampton residents who attended are seeking a full refund for the "lack of food and customer service", with everyone agreeing that the refunded money should be added to the donations to the charities.

A spokesperson for the Botleigh Grange Hotel said: “We have been in constant conversations with Mrs Batchelor since the event and will continue to do so until a resolution has been found.

"We have apologised to Mrs Batchelor for the unexpected breakdown of our ovens on the night of her event that affected our ability to provide the main course.

"We did provide the other courses and some hot food but accept that this was not what she had been expecting for her night, and we will continue to discuss with Mrs Batchelor the best way to resolve this matter."