SOUTHAMPTON residents are being warned of ATM scammers working in the city centre following several incidents.

A woman had her card "eaten" by an ATM at Barclays Bank on Above Bar Street.

A device was attached to the machine to steal the card which was used to make £120 worth of unauthorised purchases.

The incident took place between 10.20pm and 10.50pm on Wednesday, January 8.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, January 4 two Southampton men were enjoying a night out when they went to take cash out.

The same ATM on Above Bar Street swallowed one of the men's bank cards.

On closer inspection, the device seemed stuck to the cashpoint with "super-glue".

They managed to get the card back by prising the device from the ATM using a set of keys.

Sonny Jarvis a 33-year-old builder from Woolston, said: "It was quite scary. You're just trying to get money out and there are people trying to rob you.

"When my friend went to get money out the cash came out but the card was stuck on something and there was superglue dripping out.

"Other cash machines in the area were out of order.

"I chucked the device in the bin."

A Barclays spokesperson said: “We are aware of the recent issues relating to the Barclays ATM at Above Bar branch, Southampton, and we’re working with the local police. Barclays has one of the most extensive ATM networks across the UK and we are one of the leading banks in our work to ensure our machines are protected from attack. Unfortunately, fraud is a problem for the whole banking industry and we continue to work hard to look at how we can combat attacks whilst ensuring that we maintain a maximum ATM service.

"We advise customers to always be vigilant when using their bank cards. If your card is withheld or you notice any suspicious behaviour please notify your bank straight away - Barclays customers should call 0800 400 100*so that their card can be blocked immediately and rendered useless to the criminals."

Police are warning people to scan the area around ATMs before using them and to be aware of anyone standing close by.

A police spokesperson said: "Always check the machine to see if it’s been tampered with before you use it.

"Things to look out for are devices attached to the machine.

"If you do see something suspicious contact the police and the bank."

Anyone with any information relating to the theft on January 8 is urged to call police on 101, quoting 44200009896.