TEST Valley women are invited to attend a netball event tomorrow in a bid to attract new members.

The Stockbridge Fun Netball League will be hosting a Couch2Court Session on Tuesday where women can try the sport for the first time or brush up on their skills.

The season will kick off at the Test Valley School, Roman Road, Stockbridge, and is being run by leagues4you.

Regional co-ordinator from leagues4you, Sarah Phillips, said: “I started covering Wiltshire and Hampshire last summer and set up a league in Winchester a couple of months ago, which was on a Sunday morning, so I am hoping people will want to this on a weekday.

“I also set up a league in Tidworth after my husband, who works in the British Army, got posted there – I started off with six teams and now there are 14, which is the best part of 100 players.

“I think since the Netball World Cup there has been a huge surge of people wanting to get back into netball.

“People see these leagues advertised, but I think when there are try-outs to join teams and, for a lot of people who have not played for 20 years, the last thing they want to do are try-outs.”

The 37-year-old added: “Social leagues offer a friendly and welcoming environment for people who want to play a team sport without the pressure of a traditional competitive league.

“We have seen the benefits first-hand; physical fitness, stress relief, friendship, camaraderie and above all the joy of having a laugh with your mates.

“We are hoping to launch the league on January 21 so we need at least 30 people to come to the session on Tuesday.

“If we can launch a league then we will always use the same venue and have 40 minute matches.”

Sarah stressed players will also be able to play in other teams if one is a few people short.

The Couch2Court Session will run from 7pm to 8.30pm where players will practice some skills and drills. It costs £5 to attend, which is payable on the day.