A SOUTHAMPTON man who burgled a home and stole jewellery and designer perfumes told a judge he did it because he was “bang on the drugs”.

Jerry Skinner, 30, ransacked his victim’s home looking for personal items after breaking into the property, which was located in West End.

He stole items including jewellery, an engraved watch, a wooden box and designer perfumes from Gucci and Versace.

Skinner, of Warlock Close, Southampton, pleaded guilty to the burglary during a hearing at Southampton Crown Court on Thursday.

When asked by Judge Peter Henry why he had committed the burglary, Skinner, who was unrepresented during his sentencing, confessed that he was taking drugs.

He said: “I was in a bad place in my life at the time and I was spiralling down and it was out of character.

“I was bang on the drugs. I’ve been trying to address my issues in prison.”

During his sentencing, the court heard how Skinner had burgled the home in Lower New Road on July 24, while the owner was out of the house.

Prosecutor Matthew Lawton said tool marks were found on patio door and a window of the property – though Skinner said he had used a stick to break in.

The court heard that once inside, Skinner ransacked the property and stole a number of valuable items.

Mr Lawton said some of the items stolen were of “sentimental value” to the homeowner.

He added that Skinner had 16 previous convictions for 51 offences – his latest of which meant he had triggered the minimum sentence provisions for committing three domestic burglaries.

Judge Henry said it was not unjust for him to activate the minimum term, of three years, which he then reduced to one of 29 months due to Skinner’s early guilty plea.

Judge Henry said: “You broke into the house ... and while inside you carried out an untidy search.

“No doubt this was highly distressing for the victim who came back to discover that their privacy had been violated in this way.”