IT WAS a special day for the Southampton youngsters who lived in Woolston when they were given a party to celebrate the Royal Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary in 1935.

The party was held at the Itchen United Services’ Club in Highlands Road, Woolston, where the steward was Alf Hulbert.

Before the party all the youngsters gathered in the street near Paskin’s shop, on the corner of Shamrock Road and Highlands.

All those attending the party were children of club members and many local shopkeepers made donations.

Daily Echo:

King George V died after a series of debilitating attacks of bronchitis, on January 20, 1936.

The picture shows adverts on the shop wall which include Nestle's Milk, Lyons Tea, Hudson's Soap, Viking Milk and Lux Soap. In the shop window is an advert for Fry's Chocolate.

A woman can be seen peering out into the street from a first floor window - a pioneer in photo bombing.

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