THOSE feeling the January blues can soon attend a workshop to discover how to live happier lives.

It is being hosted by Wessex Cancer Trust charity to support their appeal to raise £600,000 by January 31.

The cancer support service risks facing closure after seeing a 30 percent increase in demand for their services, as well as a significant reduction in donation gifts and a fall in high street shop sales.

They then fell into their first crisis in 40 years of being opened.

This month, they are hosting a two-hour session with counsellor and psychologist Dottie Woods, who will share her expertise in how people can lead more content lives.

The class, only available to those over 18, hopes to encourage visitors to start the year with a positive state of mind.

Wessex Cancer Trust helps around 11,000 people with cancer every year.

But in a bid to help the charity reach £600,000 in time, Dottie, who has supported people with cancer, depression, anxiety and stress for the last 15 years, aims to raise people’s wellbeing in the upcoming workshop.

She said: “Having witnessed first hand the impact that the service provides, I of course jumped at the opportunity to be involved in keeping the charity operating for future generations.

"The Science of Happiness is a interactive presentation of what happiness actually is, how we may achieve contentment in our lives and increase our love and connection.

"Learning how to achieve an emotional and physical balance becomes more and more important."

It takes place from 11am to 1pm at Chandler’s Ford Support Centre, Winchester Road, on Sunday January 19.

Tickets can be booked at