WE take another look back through time with the aid of local photographers’ pictures - this week to January 1980.

World champion snooker player Terry Griffiths paid a visit to Fareham for the opening a new snooker hall. Griffiths showed off trick shots to the staff and customers.

Fans of the pop group Genesis braved the cold and took to the streets outside the Gaumont theatre in sleeping backs in order to grab themselves tickets.

While these events were taking place locally, here’s what was happening nationally:

January 2

Workers at British Steel Corporation went on a nationwide strike over pay in a bid to obtain a 20 per cent rise. It was the first steelworks strike in almost 54 years.

January 20

Around 23 million viewers tuned in to watch the ITV showing of the James Bond film Live and Let Die. It was the largest audience for a movie on British TV.