HOUSEHOLD waste, music memorabilia and a picture of a glamour model was among the items dumped in a road in Test Valley, causing the road to be closed.

The fly-tipping occurred on Foxes Lane, West Wellow on the early hours of Sunday, January 12.

This caused the road to be closed for the whole day, as Test Valley Borough Council sifted through the dumped waste to find any evidence.

TVBC analysed half of the evidence and cleared it away, but when returning, their access was denied.

The road has since been reopened as the council managed to clear the rubbish the following day, when they noticed no contractors were at the scene.

Among the rubbish was plant pots, carpets, doors, a fridge, a number of cassette and VHS tapes in a suitcase, music memorabilia, a bed and even a framed picture of glamour model, Gemma Atkinson.

Daily Echo:

A Test Valley Borough Council spokesperson said a lot of the cassettes were of Elvis Presley's biggest hits.

Cllr Nick Adams-King, who represents Blackwater on the borough council, said: "Someone’s house clearance just dumped off the back of a truck.

"Whoever did it doesn’t care. They’re anti social, thoughtless and pathetic, caring nothing for our community.

"TVBC will be examining the rubbish. Looks like there’s plenty of evidence of the source. We’ll also be asking for CCTV images from neighbouring properties.

"We will prosecute whoever dumped it if we find any evidence and will similarly prosecute whoever’s rubbish it is if they didn’t ensure whoever took their rubbish had a waste licence."

Wellow parish councillor, Christopher Craig, said: "It's unbelievable that some people think that it acceptable to do this.

"There could have been a major incident because any cars coming from Dandy's Ford Lane had to reverse back through the Ford as there was nowhere to turn around.

Daily Echo:

"Unfortunately some of the road closed signs had been pushed over so many did not know the road was closed."

Environmental portfolio holder, councillor Alison Johnston, said: “Sadly, we often see fly-tips of this nature at this time of the year as people commonly have a clear out after Christmas. Rather than disposing of their unwanted belongings legally and thoughtfully, the perpetrator has decided simply to dump them.

“We have already begun investigating and clearing the waste and, as with every fly-tip reported to us, will seek to prosecute with sufficient evidence.

"I do appreciate residents’ patience as this fly-tip was so large that we have had to take extra time to thoroughly go through the waste before beginning to clear it.

"We would urge anyone looking to dispose of waste to check that their waste carrier is licensed properly via the Environment Agency website. Anyone who may have information of this fly-tip, or wishes to report fly-tips to the authority, can contact us in confidence via 01794 527700 or 01264 368000.”

Daily Echo: