I would like to comment regarding the article in The Daily Echo on 14th January regarding the alleged 'grimy' conditions for food storage at Romsey Town Football Club.

The Health Inspector's report apparently highlighted numerous misdemeanours but also strangely enough commented that the report was not made when food was being served.

In my capacity as Chairman of a non league football club and also a non league football fan, I would like to say that I have visited Romsey FC a fair few times in the last five years and I have always been impressed with the standard of their match day food.

Not only the food served to supporters during the match but also the post match hospitality food laid on for free for players, officials and visiting club officials like myself.

Bear in mind also that the food is cooked and served by volunteers.

Also it makes me very angry indeed that The Echo should devote nigh on a full page report on what is essentially a kitchen that could do with a good clean.

Does The Echo or indeed these so called health inspectors understand how much of a detrimental effect on attendances this could have?

We are now in an era where we have The Premier League swimming in cash with players paid millions balanced with the likes of clubs at our level who struggle to make £50 on match days with sales of hot food and attendances barely reaching 100.

Roy Kingdon

Chairman, QK Southampton FC