I write this with reference to your article named "Romsey delicatessen slammed in report", referring to Luc fine foods.

Now, why do you have to write such negative news about a man who has worked in Romsey for 30 years after arriving from France?

Luc has been a great credit to Romsey town and is hugely liked and respected, his wife and children live and flourish in the town.

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A year ago Luc ventured into his own business in the town which is amazing and he did this with his son – what a great example this is to other businessmen and fathers in the area.

Why would you write such a rubbish and negative article that's actually laughable if it wasn't potentially damaging a very good mans business.

Can I please ask whoever wrote this, have they ever been to France, have they ever met Luc, spoken to him or eaten in his gaff?

I assume not.

I believe you haven't given Luc any chance to put his say forward, which is disgraceful and sad.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The Daily Echo contacted the company for comment before the article was published. He did not respond.)

Would you prefer more charity shop/hair dressers or vape shops in Romsey?

Marc Hounsell