As of today, it looks as though the bells of Big Ben will not ring out on 31st January to mark our withdrawal from the EU, which is a crying shame.

However, one clock in one city ought not to make the difference.

Instead, wouldn’t it be amazing if the bells of churches and cathedrals rang out across the county to mark this historic, democratic decision.

A decision which was voted for twice.

There is a great deal to be positive about, a great future ahead for the United Kingdom and we should ring in the change with enormous gusto.

With the right attitude, human beings can achieve so much.

The peal of bells could be the starting pistol of a 1,000m race, with all the thrill that goes with it.

Come on you bell ringers, whatever your persuasion, get behind Great Britain and pull for all you are worth.

Let the celebrations begin.

Jonathan Greatrix