POWER cuts never come at a good time and can leave those at the sharp end not only in the dark, but cold and hungry.

The oven and microwave are defunct and even boiling the kettle can become impossible without electricity.

But now Hampshire residents who suffer from a loss of power may soon be able to grab their phone and order the favourite take away right to their door.

It comes after Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) teamed up with Just Eat to enhance its welfare provision to customers during adverse weather and power cuts.

Customers in SSEN’s distribution area will soon be given vouchers to use on the Just Eat app, providing a range of different food options, while SSEN’s engineers work to restore power.

Traditionally customers would be provided with food from a welfare van, but residents will soon be able to choose from a wide range of hot meals when dealing with a power cut.

Lisa Doogan, SSEN’s head of customer service, said: “We

think it’s important we make a power cut as comfortable as possible while our engineers work hard to restore the power, so we try to offer welfare provisions when the power cut is prolonged.

“It’s essential that we cater for our customers’ needs and that involves adapting our services to ensure their specific dietary or religious requirements can be met.”

The partnership between SSEN and Just Eat has already been successfully trialled in the network operator’s Thames Valley region, which accommodates nearly 980,000 customers across rural and urban areas.

Plans are now in place to roll the provision out SSEN’s central southern England patch during this year.

During the roll-out of the service - and where customers are unable to order through Just Eat - SSEN will send alternative welfare provisions and continue to work with local restaurants, shop owners and community centres to put resilience plans in place.

Importantly, working with Just Eat also supports restaurants in the community through increased trade and due to them already being in the local area, getting food to customers is easier and quicker.”