MORE than ten bags of litter were found on the streets near a Southampton bridge in one day by an army of volunteers.

They were found by the Woolston Wombles, a group set up by married couple Graham and Lisa Andrew in a bid to try and keep the area surrounding the Itchen Bridge tidier.

Most of the rubbish picked up during each litter pick are recyclable items, such as cans and plastic bottles.

But the group have sometimes found mountains of rubbish piling up right next to recycling bins.

Councillor Eamonn Keogh, who has been helping the group, said: “I would urge anyone walking over the Itchen Bridge to please dispose of their rubbish appropriately and it would be great if Southampton fans walking to and from the ground could do their bit to helping to keep the Bridge free of litter.

“Collecting litter is a major challenge for the council and its residents but reducing the amount of litter is good for the look of the city and our environment and also importantly helps sustain our wild life.”

Woolston Wombles was started up last year and has received support from 42 litter-picking volunteers so far.

They meet on the second Sunday of every month and also aim to clean up the area around the recycling bins at Oak Bank car park.

Cllr Keogh added: “The council has been very supportive of this litter pick providing equipment and arranging for the collection of the rubbish.

“I have been working with our street cleaning teams to also do regular clean ups around the Itchen Bridge and I would hope residents would agree that this area is looking better.

“The council is willing to work with any group wanting to keep its local area tidier and it is only through a more collaborative and cooperative approach that we will achieve this outcome.”

The next event starts at the Oak Bank car park on Bridge Road, on Sunday February 9 at 10am.