A FATHER jailed for refusing to aid a murder investigation into the death of a man shot twice in the head with a shotgun, is again behind bars - for smuggling a mobile into prison.

Sentenced just a day after his release from HMP Winchester, Aston Hannis, 28, pleaded guilty to the charge after prison staff found the phone hidden on part of the roof outside of his cell window.

Speaking at Winchester Crown Court, prosecuting Nick Fridd said after finding the Zanco Wasp – described as the world's smallest phone – in August, Hannis initially denied it was his, before officers found it was connected to Hannis' "friends and associates".

However, Mr Fridd did confirm that it was not used for any criminal activity.

During mitigation, James Bloomer, defending, said Hannis' actions had and were still impacting the lives of his wife and two young children.

Speaking to Judge Keith Cutler, he added: "[Hannis] recognises that they [his family] have suffered due to his stupidity.

"Your Lordship can look to give a shorter sentence due to the impact on those who have done nothing wrong."

Hannis, a former pupil of Kings’ School, Winchester, was sentenced to eight weeks behind bars.

Judge Cutler added: "It is sad really that for the past six to eight months you have had this hanging over you, not knowing if you would be released or not.

"Sadly this crime needs to be met with an immediate imprisonment."

As reported, Hannis was stopped by police and arrested last year following the discovery of Gurinderjit Rai's body.

It was discovered that Mr Rai, 41, had suffered two shotgun wounds to the head - one to his chin and the other the temple - and was then left in the parked car close to a golf club in Corhampton, Hants.

The day after his body was found, police stopped Hannis in Winchester while he was driving a black Audi, as part of their investigation, discovering a 'number of phones' in the vehicle.

When detectives asked for the passcode to an iPhone X they believe belongs to him, the 28-year-old, who 'strongly' denied any involvement in the death of Mr Rai, refused to hand it over.

When he was sentenced for that offence last August, Judge James Waddington QC told Hannis there was no alternative but to jail him for his failure to assist with the investigation into the killing of Mr Rai.

The murder investigation is still ongoing.