HOW can you prepare young children for what is to come as they progress through life?

That is a tough question – but Weeke Primary School seems to have all the answers. Headteacher Jonathan Kirkham believes in giving "the most varied education possible".

Pupils are given dozens of opportunities outside the basic curriculum, including professionally-led music lessons and crime prevention workshops.

They also have access to a 'Forest School' where they can learn survival skills such as building a fire.

Mr Kirkham, who has been in the headteacher post since February 2019, said: "I know it's cliche, but this really is a unique school. I've taught at six others and Weeke really does have its own feel.

"What attracted me is the time and energy that staff put into education, but also how they nurture each pupil and make sure everyone feels like they are valued by both staff and their peers."

When the Daily Echo visited it was 'Wellbeing Week' at the school.

Pupils were taught how to look after themselves, with workshops looking at relaxation and yoga.

Mr Kirkham added: "Going into different schools is very interesting, you get to see how learning changes over time. Here, it's a real privilege because of the huge range of options the children have.

"What we do helps prepare them to enter what is a complicated world. Where we are is fantastic – all children in Winchester have access to fantastic schools."

The school, which currently has 412 was rated 'Good' by Ofsted in May 2019, keeping its same rating from an inspection in 2015.