I WAS poised to pen a letter regarding the noticeable litter in the city, when along came a letter from Paddy Maxwell on a similar theme.

Unfortunately it is not just litter blighting our city but also flytipping unwanted items such as discarded bags clothing, old mattresses, household items...the list is endless.

The problem is unashamed humans in our society.

People obviously don`t care otherwise they wouldn`t do it.

It`s easier to dump it in a secluded area under the cover of darkness rather than take it to the tip.

Similarly, litter is discarded with no attempt made to locate a bin, for others to clear up!

Presumably they were not trained by their parents as we were when children, of the right and wrongs of littering and back in the `50s it wasn`t a disposable society as we have today.

People seemingly have lost respect for themselves and the environment.

Sadly, it is not just in Southampton.

All over the country there is a problem of waste disposal, costing taxpayers millions in clear up costs.

Money that could be better spent on other services that people complain of being cut.

Until peoples conscience's are pricked into being more considerate, this problem will unfortunately continue.

Richard A Jacob