POLICE were called to help separate three fighting dogs in an early-morning petrol station incident.

The dogs reportedly began fighting over food on the forecourt of Tesco's Petrol station on Tebourba Way, Southampton at around 2.15am today and after failed attempts from the owner to separate the hounds, officers were called to the scene.

According to a witness, who didn't want to be named, two bull mastiffs and one other dog arrived in the back of a white van after the owner pulled up at the petrol station.

He said: "The van pulled up and the driver had food in the back and the dogs started fighting over the food.

"One of the dogs got injured and after the driver attempted to separate the dogs, the police were called."

Officers attended the incident and have confirmed that there was no injuries to any members of the public.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: "We were called just before 3am to a report of dogs fighting on the Tesco petrol station forecourt on Tebourba Way, Southampton.

"Officers attended but there was no threat or injury to any members of the public and the owner was able to calm the dogs."