POLICE have stopped and searched 50 people in two nights amid fears of violence in Southampton.

Last night, police were given the power to stop and search people within the east of the city in Thornhill, Weston and Sholing.

It was the second consecutive night police have activated the powers in Southampton.

Last night, officers stopped and searched a total of 37 people in Thornhill and Weston after a section 60 was re-authorised.

The section 60 was place last night until 7am this morning.

Police first activated stop and search powers on Tuesday night after it was reported that two groups of people may be targeting one another with weapons.

On Tuesday, 13 people were stopped and search with two men arrested and charged with carrying offensive weapons.

Officers from Southampton East Neighbourhood Policing Team are continuing to patrol the area today and will review whether section 60 will be re-implemented again.

Chief Inspector Phil Lamb said: “Section 60 helps prevent incidents of serious violence occurring, first and foremost.

“It also enables us to better apprehend those who are carrying weapons in the area, or are involved in planned serious violence.

“Telling you we are in your neighbourhood and taking this action is just as important because we want you to know what we are doing about violent crime in your community.

“We are not able to do this without information from communities. We act on the information you tell us and this has been our response.

“We will be out patrolling again today. Please do come and chat with us about any concerns you have or if you have information that we should know.

“If you are concerned about someone carrying weapons in your neighbourhood, or you see something suspicious you think is potentially related to serious violence, please call 999.”