VIOLENCE broke out between rival football fans in a city centre park in Southampton.

Clashes occurred in Hoglands Park before the Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup match at St Mary's Stadium yesterday.

A police spokesman said the incident involved a number of Tottenham and Southampton supporters.

He added that no weapons were invo0lved and no injuuries had been reported.

The spokesman added: "Police were already on the scene and so the incident was stopped very quickly.

"A 23-year-old man from Southampton has been dealt with by way of a condoitional discharge."

Part of the park was cordoned off yesterday but police say it was for an unrelated reason.

"The cordon was in place because we had a drone unit assisting us with the policing operation and they had to cordon off a landing zone.

"The drone was not related to the disorcer incident."