A BISHOPSTOKE mum has launched a petition to reduce the speed limit and install a safe crossing at a busy school road.

The petition was created by a worried mum who is concerned about her children crossing the busy Underwood Road on their way into Stoke Park Junior School, after witnessing "an extremely near miss" involving another child on Wednesday January 15.

Now, more than 350 people have signed the petition for a 20 mph speed limit and a formal pedestrian crossing to be installed on the road in an attempt to "save a child's life".

Tabatha Mccormick, who created the petition, said: " The traffic is extremely busy down there in the morning, and a lot of cars drive speed along Underwood Road.

"My friend and I had dropped our children off at school and we were leaving we saw an extremely near miss. One side of traffic had stopped and the other side of the traffic was still moving, when a child suddenly shot across the road and was a few centre meters away from being hit!

"I have become passionate about it, as I have two children who use this crossing and now I let my oldest walk to school with his friends. A petition shows there is local support."

While there used to be a school crossing patrol officer ensuring safe crossing of the school's children, he has left his position and efforts to recruit a new "lollipop person" have been unsuccessful so far.

After hearing about the petition, Deputy Leader of the Hampshire County Council, Rob Humby has ensured that "the safety of road users always comes first".

The Executive member for Economy, Transport and Environment said: "The safety of our road users always comes first with resources prioritised to sites where there is evidence that installing new or additional traffic measures will bring about improvements in road safety.

"Once we have received the petition to reduce the speed limit to 20mph, we will fully investigate the safety concerns raised, taking into account existing injury accident data, and consider residents’ request for a formal pedestrian crossing on Underwood Road; in the meantime, we are continuing to encourage individuals to apply for a vacant School Crossing Patrol position for Stoke Park Junior School."

Eastleigh Borough Council leader, Keith House has backed the petition saying: "I fully support the campaign from local parents to get the school crossing patrol reinstated by the school and other safety improvements for Underwood Road. Road safety near the school is really important and needs action from Hampshire County Council.”