AS MANY local residents will know, Southampton is renowned for its volume of traffic lights.

Whilst I’m at a loss as to why this should be, I wonder if any other drivers have noticed a worryingly increasing practice.

On my daily drives in, out and around the city, it appears to me that many drivers are blatantly running red lights.

From what I witness daily there is no one group of drivers more than any other that seems to think that this is acceptable.

Cars, taxis, vans and lorries are all flouting the law and involved in this very dangerous exercise.

And to what end?

Nine times out of ten, they get as far as the next set of red lights which in the case of our city, seems to be no more than a few hundred metres, if that.

I am amazed that there have be no serious accidents resulting from this irresponsible driving habit but I do wonder if the volume of traffic lights in Southampton actually is the reason why drivers do it.

Regardless, its a dangerous practice and I just hope, I or anyone else doesn’t fall victim to these people that think its acceptable.

Trevor Pirie

Through website