CONTROVERSIAL plans for a late night kebab van have been withdrawn following a stream of objections.

An application was submitted for a new late-night kebab van in a Test Valley village last month.

The proposal, which was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council, was for a street trading licence for the lay-by on the A27 in Sherfield English.

The trader planned to sell kebabs, burgers, chips, tea and coffee as well as cold food.

The licence was for a van or trailer to operate there between 8am and 2pm and then 4pm and 11pm, seven days a week, for a six month period commencing on March 1.

However, following a number of objections, the applicant has since withdrawn the plans.

One of the main objections to the kebab van, was from Sherfield English Parish Council, which they claimed there is not enough demand for the facility and it will cause noise pollution.

Their objection said: "We are a quiet village, and the facility will be open till 11pm which means people will come to use facility from surrounding areas once other outlets are closed causing light pollution and noise pollution close to residents.

"We also have four food sale opportunities in the village (fisheries, camp site, Hatchet Inn Garden Centre) so there is no demand for this type of facility.

"There is likely to be an increased amount of large goods traffic, they will not use A36 and will be coming through the village, which will cause problems also in Whiteparish where it is narrow and only one HGV can get through."

The van would have also been responsible for all rubbish and also for providing toilet facilities on site.

Another comment from the parish council said the lay-by is part of the footpath which leads up to the church, making it difficult for walkers and could be dangerous.

This is because their application states there will be a towing vehicle, trailer, toilets and litter bins.

The objection added: "On our village development plan this section of the A27 is looked upon as the introduction to the village, and a facility such as this would not be in keeping with the surrounding countryside.

"Signs will probably be put up to advertise the outlet."

The applicant of the kebab van is a company named Oz's Catering Ltd, the Daily Echo attempted to contact the owner but was not able to speak to them.