PARKING restrictions in a Hampshire neighbourhood have been approved to ease traffic and help bus services.

They come following complaints from residents about congestion and cars speeding through Belmont Road in Chander’s Ford.

Along with Wiltshire Road, and Cox Row, it forms part of a bus route through the Velmore Estate.

The route is often used as a shortcut between Leigh Road and Falkland Road.

Bus company Xelabus has claimed that parked cars block Wiltshire road for large vehicles.

The bus operator has had recent discussions with Eastleigh Borough Council to find a solution.

It is hoped the new parking restrictions in Wiltshire Road will tackle congestion and combat pollution.

The new measures will restrict motorists to parking on one side of the road which will increase parking spaces from 12 to 17.

They will keep the road open as a viable bus route for the X6 and X7 services.

There will also be restrictions at its junctions with Belmont Road and Cox Row to improve visibility and reduce obstructions for drivers.

According to the council, residents are more likely to have a greater level of dependency on public transport in the Velmore estate.

It hopes the restrictions will allow the bus service to continue whilst keeping as much street parking as possible.

A spokesperson for Xelabus said: “Xelabus has over a long period experienced difficulties in operating in Velmore Estate but certainly along Wiltshire Road. Parked cars on either side have given drivers major issues in safe access along this stretch of road as well as keeping services to time.

“There have been a number of occasions where drivers have had to call our office to obtain police assistance and there can be a number of times when services are seriously delayed as well as major issues with residents who seem to take exception to having to move their

vehicles. “In order for any bus service to continue efficiently through this road, we require EBC to implement parking restrictions as a matter of urgency.”

The restrictions are planned to be introduced by the end of March this year.