SOUTHAMPTON was the seventh worst city for congestion in the UK in 2019, figures reveal.

Stats released by TomTom state that Southampton has a congestion level of 33 per cent, six per cent up from 2018.

According to the stats, a 30-minute journey during morning rush hour would take an extra 18 minutes and an extra 20 minutes during the evening rush hour.

Extra time spent driving in rush hour throughout the year added up to 144 hours, or six days.

In that time, drivers could have watched 128 episodes of Game of Thrones or completed 29 500-piece jigsaw puzzles.

Stephanie Leonard, UK traffic advisor at TomTom, said: “The south remains one of the fastest-growing and most congested regions in the country.

“The opening of Crossrail and the £150 million upgrade of Gatwick rail station should ease traffic in the next few years, but city planners can’t afford to rest on their laurels while the south grinds to halt.

“It’s time for traffic to change. In time, the rise of autonomous vehicles and car-sharing services will help alleviate congestion across the UK.

“However, policymakers can make real improvements now by using all the tools available to them to analyse traffic levels and impacts, so they can make better infrastructural decisions.”

Southampton were the 41st worst in Europe, and 79th worst in the world. In 2018, Southampton’s world ranking was 140th.

September 1 had the most traffic in the city during the year, with 63 per cent average congestion.

TomTom also suggest that Wednesday evenings had the worst rush hours throughout the year were, and drivers could save six hours per 30-minute commutes by driving after 6pm on those days.

Bournemouth were fourth in the rankings, and one of just two towns in the top 20.

Edinburgh were top of the list, with 41 per cent average congestion, London second and Brighton and Hove third.