THESE images provide us with a nostalgic trip back through time to January 2000.

During the first month of the new millennium Ludlow Infant pupils were entertained when boy band Soul Instinct put on a concert at the school.

Another school to welcome entertainment on to their stages were Brune Park Community School, Gosport. The Royal National Theatre London paid a visit to provide Shakespearean workshops to the youngsters.

January 1

The Millennium Dome in London was officially opened by The Queen amid celebrations taking place across the country.

January 11

The lives of seven sailors were tragically lost when the Scottish trawler, the Solway Harvester, sank in the Irish Sea.

January 31

Dr Harold Shipman was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of murdering fifteen patients in Greater Manchester between 1995-98. A further enquiry considered him to to have killed at least 215.