A NEW gym specialising in PT sessions has opened in Eastleigh and you can get three sessions for free.

The "Dynamic Strength and Fitness" gym is now open for business and unlike traditional gyms, booking is essential and the facility is only available for those who want to be trained by a personal trainer.

Owner, Dale Swannel, has been a mobile PT since 2015 and describes owning his own gym as a "dream come true".

The 31-year-old said: "I love being a personal trainer and owning my own gym is a dream come true. It's been my plan for a very long time but I wasn't expecting to be able to it so soon. I was training people in other gyms, at people's homes and it got to the point where I wanted to do something different, this is the natural progression.

"I've been passionate about this since I saw the difference getting fit made to a friend of mine who was very overweight. I have lived in Eastleigh all my life so it was only right to expand my business here."

The small group training gym operates by training people in groups of six, and it officially opened on Friday January 17 at 29 Parham Drive, Eastleigh.

Sessions cost £10 per training session, or £120 for a month of three sessions per week, and these include a mix of compound movements and mobility work with conditioning work also implemented in.

A free trial is currently in place, which offers all new members three free sessions, to be booked within one week of registration, and this can be found on the gym's website or by calling 07837674940.

There is also an open day scheduled from 12pm on February 15, where you can go along to the gym and get a better understanding of how it works.