AN EASTLEIGH woman stumbled upon a naked man sleeping at her front gate.

Walking to her car she found him curled up wearing just a grey hat and sliders at 7.30am on Tuesday.

When she disturbed the man - described as black and in his thirties - he looked "genuinely embarrassed"

According to the Ovington Gardens resident who wished to remain unnamed, the man got up, covered himself with his hands and then fled towards Eastleigh College.

Worried for his welfare she phoned the police.

She said: "This morning (Tuesday) I walked out to my car to see a naked man asleep in front of the gate that leads to my garden.

"I waited a while to see if he was moving.

"He noticed I was there so got up, covered himself with his hands and ran off towards the colleges.

"I rang 101 and reported it, as this was 7.30am this morning and there are a lot of schools around here.

"I don’t think the man was out to cause offence or hurt anyway as he looked genuinely embarrassed, but he may have been in danger or hurt.

"He had no clothes on apart from a grey hat and sliders."

A police spokesperson said: "I can confirm we did receive a report of a naked man seen in Ovington Gardens, Eastleigh, just before 7.40am on Tuesday, however, there was no requirement for officers to attend."

According to a spokesperson from Eastleigh College, the man was not seen on the college premises.