I attended the Council debate on expansion of the airport on Tuesday January 28th, reported in the Echo the following day.

The members of AXO presented their case clearly and persuasively; the councillors present made the right decision based on the facts, that is, to oppose extension of the runway and the creation of an extra 600 parking spaces.

Angela Cotton, representing AXO, held up a graph showing how the supposed CO2 savings to be made by the airport becoming "carbon neutral" and savings from reduced car journeys to Gatwick, Heathrow and Bournemouth paled into insignificance when compared with the increase in CO2 emissions from the additional aircraft which would be using the expanded airport. Increased CO2 emissions along with negative health impacts on residents in Bitterne Park were the decisive factors in the debate.

Well done, councillors, for taking the lead on this important matter.

Let us hope Eastleigh councillors also put climate change and the health of residents over and above other factors and make a similarly brave decision when airport expansion comes before their planning panel.

Also, well done to the Echo for such speedy reporting of the debate; the decision was made just before 8pm on Tuesday evening and there was a full report in Wednesday's paper.

Lindsi Bluemel