I WAS shocked to read of the city council giving a 1/5 rating to Uptons of Bassett.

Rats, mice, maggots, I thought?

No of course not, just some jobsworth finding a few minor matters that could hardly be or any detriment to the public.

When my family had a butchers in the 60s it was common practice to use sawdust, as it absorbed any spillages and could be quickly swept up.

Surely mopping every time would be a safety risk in a busy shop.

I noticed the rolls of hand towels were stored where they may have risked contamination.

As a regular customer to the shop in question, I have observed that Mr Broadribb reveres his meat, more than some parents do their children!

His staff are all immaculate in a shirt and tie with spotless overalls and aprons.

I wish one of these inspectors had been in the supermarket I visited recently where the youth serving meat, then walked to the other end of the counter and proceeded (without washing his hands) to slice ham and turkey.

The Echo must be scraping the bottom of the barrel, to give this "news story" headlines on the front page and a whole page inside.

Denise Bridle-Gates

Bassett, Southampton