MAMMA Mia the stage show and movie are now a phenomenon almost on the scale of the band whose music they celebrate.

The Abba musical is now 20 years old and just keeps getting better and better. I've seen the show five or six times in the last two decades, in the West End and in various theatres on tour, including Southampton, and it's definitely improved with age.

This is a sassy feel-good production with a confidence and a joyfulness that leaves the audience skipping home feeling like they've had a holiday in the sun.

A lovingly staged version, it's an absolute delight from start to finish.

Sharon Sexton owns the role of Donna Sheridan, the Greek taverna owning single mum whose young daughter Sophie (beautifully portrayed by Emma Mullen) is about to wed and has invited all her three potential fathers along for the ride.

Donna's old pals provide some wonderful comedy diversions. Man eating Tanya (Helen Anker) struts around the stage in a superb rendition of Does Your Mother Know, while Rosie (Nicky Swift) has the audience in stitches as she bursts into an exaggerated comedy version of Take A Chance On Me.

The male leads are generally not as strong vocally as their female counterparts. But what they may lack in the occasional high note, they more than make up for with their dance moves. Clad in flippers, wet suits and snorkels, their Lay All Your Love On Me is a particular high point.

In fact, the entire ensemble's choreography is every bit as tight as the lycra Donna and the Dynamos slip into as they recreate their 70s heyday.

Cleverly updated for the 20th anniversary tour, you might even see some flossing.

The cast fully deserved their dance-a long standing ovation as they performed a spectacular finale of Dancing Queen and Waterloo.

When two and a half hours feel like two and a half minutes, you know you're on to a winner. Mamma Mia is truly a joy and I'd happily watch it again tonight.

Mamma Mia runs until Saturday February 29.

Tickets: 023 8071 1811.