REACHING their 100th birthday is something not many people get to do.

But Southampton resident Joyce Mould is celebrating just that many years on earth today.

She has spent her life in several places across the globe since she was born an entire century ago.

Having survived the Second World War at the age of 19, the mother-of-five said it is “sheer luck” that she is still here today.

Ex-insurance worker Joyce said: “The war was horrible. We were right in the thick of it as I lived in Coventry at the time.

“The street right next to us was completely wiped out, but we were fortunate enough to get away. It was sheer luck.”

Growing up as an only child in South East London, she moved to Stratford-Upon-Avon, to Coventry during the Blitz, then Dagenham, and Surrey.

At the age of 19, she got married to Horace Mould, who she eventually retired with at 60 years old when they moved to Australia.

But Horace died a year later.

Joyce finally decided to move to Southampton in 2001 to be closer to daughter Margaret, who is the only child of five still alive.

Her other children include Peter, who died at six months, John and Alan, who died of cancer, and Pauline, who died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Joyce said she now lives a simple life watching television and filling in crosswords.

She said: “If you can finish up your life counting five people on one hand you can honestly trust with your life, you are very lucky.”

The 100-year-old received three bunches of flowers for her birthday from unknown senders.

Joyce added: “People waste time worrying about what they haven’t got rather than appreciating what they have got. I’ve had bad parts but my life has been mostly good.

“If you can get across a rocky road, you will come to a smooth tarmac that suits you.”