HUNDREDS of protesters have rallied in Southampton city centre today to declare their love for the planet.

To mark Valentines Day environmental activists have gathered at Guildhall Square.

They are demanding that the government takes action to prevent irreversible damage to the climate and the environment.

People of all ages turned out to show their support for the “biggest issue facing humanity today”.

At 12.30pm they marched from Guildhall Square to the Bargate to raise awareness of the climate emergency.

With banners reading "There's no planet B" and "I love our planet" they peacefully made their way through Westquay shopping centre before returning to the Guildhall where they will remain until 4pm.

The campaigners include members of Extinction Rebellion, the UK Student Climate Network, Southampton Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth Southampton, Transition Southampton and Food Not Bombs Southampton.

Richard Mould-Ryan from extinction Rebellion Southampton said, “The Government has set a new target for the UK to be carbon neutral by 2050, so people might think that the problem has been solved, but the policies in place aren’t enough to meet the previous lower target - much, much more needs to be done.

"At a time when the country and the planet is sorely in need of leadership to tackle the climate emergency, adults are standing shoulder to shoulder with young people today - the generation who will be affected most - to demand that the government show this leadership and take action on the most pressing issue to face humankind.

“The message from the young people here today to Government is "We’re not learning because you’re not listening""

Last summer dozens of protesters lay "dead" outside the Carnival UK headquarters on Harbour Parade.

The group's "die-in" event was to highlight the company's "aggressive and polluting practices" and what they believe to be a "disregard for city, planet and future."

After draping their bodies outside Carnival's headquarters the protesters made their way to Guildhall Square which was transformed into an "urban beach" and is being sponsored by the cruise liner company.

The group were calling on the cruise ship operator to fit their fleet with a "ship to shore" power systems.