A SOUTHAMPTON charity has been left flooded after thieves stripped its headquarters of roof lead.

Water poured into the Samaritans building in College Place during Storm Ciara last weekend.

It came after thieves scaled scaffolding and stole lead from the charity which helps people with suicidal thoughts.

A duty room where the charity takes up to 30 calls a day was left soaked causing disruption to its life-saving service.

According to director Stevie Kerr the cost of replacing the lead will be thousands of pounds.

The roof had been undergoing repairs when it is believed the thieves e stole the led over three nights last week.

Stevie adds that it costs £35,000 every year to keep the branch open with all of the money raised by the charity itself.

Volunteers have since rallied to support the Samaritans by moving computers and equipment so it can continue its service.

She said: “We were already in the middle of costly roof repairs.

“But we have now had the lead stolen from our roof causing significant leaks adding to an already pricey bill. “Storm Ciara last Sunday only exacerbated the issue with water pouring into our duty room.

“This has risked our service being delivered to our callers.

“The team - all volunteers - helped rally together to move equipment and ensure our service continued as we promise.”

“The roof bill was already over £1,600 and now it will be at least double that (estimate coming tomorrow).

We are gutted - especially as the police say there is very minimal chance of any recompense or conviction as any evidence would have been washed away with the storm.”

A police spokesperson said: “We were called at 6.32pm on Sunday 10 February in relation to the Samaritans Branch at 11 College Place, Southampton. There was a report that a quantity of led had been stolen from the roof of the property overnight. Anyone with information can call 101 with the reference 44200052231.”