A MOTHER will be running a popular marathon to raise money following her disabled son's operation to have his "s-shaped" spine pulled back into place.

Anna, 40, and her husband Rob Giles, 55, from Chandler's Ford, were officially accepted into this year's London Marathon and have chosen to donate any money raised to two Southampton charities that have cared for her disabled son.

It comes after her 15-year-old son Mikey, who has a genetic defect meaning his body is similar to a three-month-old baby, had his then "s-shaped" spine pulled back into place during an operation at Southampton General Hospital.

According to Anna, his disability means he has not developed into a 15-year-old body and regularly has seizures.

After the operation, he was looked after by Friends of PICU - which supports critically ill children at the hospital - for seven weeks while he recovered in June 2018, and Anna now wants to pay her thanks to the service.

Mother-of-two Anna and Mikey's stepdad Rob also chose to support Friends of Rosewood, a charity part of learning disability specialists Rosewood School in Southampton, which Mikey has attended since he was three years old.

Anna, who is also mum to Beth, 13, said: "As we are doing the marathon, which is really difficult to get into, we thought why not use it as a way of fundraising to get more publicity for these two small charities.

"Mikey's bottom rib was touching his pelvis because his spine had become so curved. It was brutal and unpleasant. We were really lucky that Southampton Hospital is so close as people come a long way to get treatment there."

Anna and Rob have been running for the last few years and said they ran within the time needed to participate in the London Marathon on April 26.

Anna added: "It has always been my husband's goal to get a place and he gave it two goes. He ran three hours and 18 minutes the year before, but he needed to make it into three hours and 15 minutes before.

"Even if you do make it, there is no guarantee of a place, but we both ran within the time limits in a qualifying marathon this time and were accepted - it needs to be under three hours 45 minutes for women to get a place."

They are hoping to raise £2,000 in total.

To donate, visit http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/annaandrob.